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Welcome to the
Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Since the destruction of Catholic communities by the Communists in the 30s, the Traditional Mass in the Roman Rite has lost all its followers in Russia.

But now, 80 years later the situation has changed.

In 2010, certain Russian Catholics united and formed a lay organization known as the “Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus”. The Society was founded in the city of Moscow. Two years later, various Catholics of Kursk founded the first affiliate chapter of the Society.

The Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus aims to uphold and safeguard the traditional Catholic Teaching, according to which the Holy Mass is a bloodless, mystical re-presentation of the Sacrifice of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on Golgotha. This important truth of the Catholic Church has continued for hundreds of years through the practice of the Traditional Rite.

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Here’s how you can help us:

Pray and donate to our intention:

  • for the priests who offer the Traditional Holy Mass in Russia;
  • to bring the Traditional practice of Faith to more Russian Catholics;
  • to make our work in Russia even more fruitful and effective.

Donate generously to the service of Traditional Mass in Moscow:

We need your donations for the organists’ fees, decorations of the altar, candles, for priests’ replacement—during times of vacation and illness, as well as to buy various liturgical items.

Donate generously to the service of the Traditional Mass in other cities of the great Russian nation:

We need your donations to pay for the travel expenses and accommodation of the priests who offer Mass and provide pastoral service; to publish information materials (Russian-Latin language Missals, prayer and litany books and publications), all of which we distribute free of charge on-site during our trips.

Please support our work! We pray for all our benefactors at Holy Mass.

Thank you very much.

A Cruce Salus!

Sincere regards,
Gregor Huber, Moscow

Tel.: +7 916 877-22-38

via “Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus”


My name is Gregor Huber and I am President and founding member of the “Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus”, a Society founded on the initiative of local Moscow Catholics on All Saints’ Day, 2010.

I hail originally from Bühl, Germany (near Baden-Baden), but have been living and working in Moscow since 2004. It was here in Moscow, in the year 2008, that I first became acquainted with the Traditional Roman Rite of the Mass.

As a practising Roman Catholic my reaction to this first “encounter” with the Traditional Rite was twofold: firstly, I became aware that this Liturgy offers to God the proper honor due to Him and secondly, that this Liturgy encapsulates within it the unabridged expression of our Catholic Faith.

My second reaction was both surprise and disappointment that this Sacred Liturgy, the traditional Holy Sacrifice of Mass is still subject to so much criticism (especially within the Church). This was for me impossible to understand and seemed quite wrong and even sinful!

The founding of the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was thus a logical and natural step towards the restoration of Tradition in Russia. The Society is sustaining and building up the Traditional Latin Mass communities in Russia.

Please support our work! We pray for all our benefactors at Holy Mass.

Thank you very much.

A Cruce Salus!

Sincere regards,

Gregor Huber, Moscow


Photo album: here the photos of solemnities and recolletions during the years 2010 - 2014 are presented. Since 2015 we have been publishing all the photos in the corresponding articles.



  • 15.12.2019

    2019 annual trip to Gatchina: the first Tridentine Mass in 80 years

    In 2019, the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus again set off on its traditional annual trip, for the 9th time in its existence. The destination of this trip was the largest settlement of the Leningrad region - the city of Gatchina. The first references to Gatchina’s predecessor, the village of Khotchino, date back to 1499 - 1500, and the status of City was assigned to it by Emperor Paul I in 1796.

    Ежегодная поездка 2019: Святая Месса в полуразрушенном храме

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  • 07.09.2019

    Obstacles to the service of the Tridentine Mass continue: changes in the schedule of the Holy Mass!

    Dear brothers and sisters of the community in Moscow and friends of the Catholic tradition in Russia!

    Unfortunately, we again have to inform you that tomorrow, Sunday, September 8, 2019, at 10.30, in the crypt of the Church the Tridentine Mass will not be held. Instead, Mass will be served in Novus Ordo in Latin.

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  • 01.05.2019

    Reunion with the Catholic Church in the traditional rite

    Through the efforts of the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus our parishioner Nikolai Buchenkov wll be received into the Catholic during this Easter vigil. An event similar to this has not happened since the return of the Catholic Church to Moscow. This year, the rite of reunification with the Catholic Church was held for the first time.

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  • 30.04.2019

    Traditional Easter Celebration - 2019. The revival of tradition continues

    As in the previous two years, in 2019 in the Cathedral of Moscow, with the support of the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, complete Easter Triduum using the Missal of 1962 were offered. Like last time, Fr. Augustine blessed the Easter fire and Easter on the street in front of the church, and sanctified the Easter water.

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  • 29.04.2019

    Father Augustine Zenzel SDB: 60th Anniversary of Ordination

    In 2019, on Good Friday, the 60th anniversary of Fr. Augustine’s ordination fell, and on Good Saturday – his birthday. Fr. Augustine has nurtured the community of Moscow traditionalists for more than 10 years. The Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus decided in a special way to congratulate Father Augustine and prepare an unusual and interesting gift from our community.

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