• 04.04.2019

    Annual trip 2018: Tridentine Mass found refuge with Lutherans in Kazan

    In November, the Moscow Society of the sacred heart of Jesus made a trip to Kazan, the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Tatarstan within the Russian Federation.

    The purpose of the trip was to serve «Triduum», which took place from 9 to 11 November as the part of the annual journey of the Society to various regions of Russia. During those days, the sky gave off the bright sun and the underworld – an icy wind. In the eight years since the foundation of the Society, It has brought the flame of the holy Mass to eight cities of Russia.

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  • 15.04.2018

    Traditional Easter Celebration – 2018

    Today we are pleased to show you photos from Holy Easter 2018, which took place in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    Like last year, Father Augustine Zenzel SDB offered the whole of the Easter Triduum in the extraordinary form of the Roman rite, for which we are very grateful.

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  • 21.04.2017

    The first traditional Easter celebration after the return of the Catholic Church

    The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary was returned to the Catholics in 1992, and after that there was never served an Easter Triduum in the extraordinary form of the Roman rite - never before Easter 2017. This year, finally, traditionalist Catholics were given the opportunity to survive Easter and its preceding three days in the spirit of tradition.

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  • 07.04.2017

    The principled position of the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus regarding the prohibitions of the Holy Tridentine Mass in Moscow

    With regret and horror, we must inform you that Holy Mass on Maundy Thursday 13/04/2017 in the traditionalist community in Moscow at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (hereinafter NZPDM) is prohibited, and therefore not indicated in the schedule of the Holy Mass in our community.

    Such bans have occurred before. We remember that in the near past we have already reported similar situations.

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  • 29.01.2017

    Bad example is contagious: another ban on the Tridentine Mass

    The Administrator of the Cathedral of the NZPDM on spiritual matters, Fr. Vladimir Kabak SDB, continues the practice of the former rector, Fr. Joseph Zanevsky SDB, and forbids the celebration of the Tridentine Mass on January 29, 2017. He justifies his decision by the fact that on January 29, 2017, the parish celebrates the feast of St. John Bosco, founder of Don Bosco's Salesian Congregation, and 25 years of Salesian ministry in Moscow. Therefore all parishioners should participate in Summa on Sunday morning. Like the previous ban on December 8, 2015, this ‘Feast Day’ action violates the rights of Traditional Catholics and the norms of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum.

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