Reunion with the Catholic Church in the traditional rite

Through the efforts of the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus our parishioner Nikolai Buchenkov wll be received into the Catholic during this Easter vigil. An event similar to this has not happened since the return of the Catholic Church to Moscow. This year, the rite of reunification with the Catholic Church was held for the first time.

For this, a lot of organizational work was done, it was necessary to settle various bureaucratic issues, as well as to study in detail the 1927 Rituale Romanum in preparation for this rite. Here we published the story of Nicholas about his difficult journey to Catholic Tradition. Prior to this, the Priestly Brotherhood of St. Pius X (FSSPX) has already held such a rite several times in Russia, and we are glad that now we have the opportunity to hold it in the church.

During the solemn ceremony of joining the Roman Catholic Church, Nikolai, kneeling and putting his hand on the Holy Scripture, read the confession of faith, the text of which he personally rewrote in preparation for the ceremony. Then, under the text of the confession of faith, Father Augustine, Nikolai, and the witnesses put their signatures.

The Sacred Heart Society of Jesus cordially congratulates Nicholas on joining the Holy Catholic Church and wishes God's grace, the intercession of the Virgin Mary and the protection of all the angels and saints.