Traditional Easter Celebration - 2019. The revival of tradition continues

As in the previous two years, in 2019 in the Cathedral of Moscow, with the support of the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, complete Easter Triduum using the Missal of 1962 were offered. Like last time, Fr. Augustine blessed the Easter fire and Easter on the street in front of the church, and sanctified the Easter water.

Maundy Thursday

This time the Paschal candle for Easter was brought from Germany, and our server, artist and restorer Dmitry Sukhoverkov put on it the required inscriptions and images.

Good Friday

On this Easter vigil there was an event similar to which has not happened since the return of the Catholic Church to Moscow. This year, for the first time, a rite of reunion with the Catholic Church was held according to the traditional rite (more about this here). Prior to this, the Priestly Brotherhood of St. Pius X (FSSPX) has already held such a rite several times in Russia, and we are glad that now we have the opportunity to hold it in the church.

Holy Saturday

This Easter coincided with the anniversary of 60 years of ordination and the birthday of Fr. Augustine, who has for many years been working for the benefit of Catholic Tradition in Moscow and thereby in Russia. For these dates, the Society prepared a gift for our priest - a complete set of gold vestments and 208 prayers of the Holy Rosary. We have written more about this here. We are very grateful to Father Augustine for having served fully, despite the troubles associated with the anniversary, the Triduum.


We thank everyone who has helped us in one way or another: this Triduum, like the previous ones, was held, among other things, thanks to your prayers and support. May the risen Christ reward you for this!

We expect that in 2020 the full Easter Triumph will take place, and in the coming months we will begin to prepare it to be fully equipped at the right time.

Congratulations on the bright holiday of Easter!

Christus resurrexit! Vere resurrexit!

A Cruce Salus!