The first traditional Easter celebration after the return of the Catholic Church

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary was returned to the Catholics in 1992, and after that there was never served an Easter Triduum in the extraordinary form of the Roman rite - never before Easter 2017. This year, finally, traditionalist Catholics were given the opportunity to survive Easter and its preceding three days in the spirit of tradition.

Maundy Thursday

The head of all services was, as always, our priest sincerely devoted to Tradition, Fr. Augustine Zenzel SDB. He also actively supported the Sacred Heart Society of Jesus in requesting permission for the Triduum; it was as a result of this that Archbishop Pavel Pezzi agreed that it should be fully served. We are very grateful to Fr. Augustine for his help and support.

Good Friday

We received permission three days before Holy Thursday, the previous Sunday, and there was very little time to prepare and study new and difficult services for ministers.

We are very grateful to everyone who came to the liturgy of the whole Triduum, as well as to the Mass on Sunday morning and Monday evening, and we are glad that there were many parishioners.

Holy Saturday

We hope that the service of the Passover at the extraordinary form of the Roman rite will take place next year.

We thank all those who care for the prayers in the intentions of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Society.

A Cruce Salus!