Return of the cross

In early June 2012, a canopy with a cross once again crowned the wooden altar of the Great Chapel of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The restoration work was fully funded by the Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - for the «Summorum Pontificum».

Presented in the 1990s, before the restoration of the Church, the wooden altar was used to guard the Sacred Gifts. In 1999 it was transferred to the crypt of the cathedral and for several years (until 2006) was not used for its intended purpose. The altar canopy was saved (returned to the site in 2010 after re-consecration at the end of restoration work). Unfortunately, the traditional top of the canopy, the altar cross, was lost, and its foot was broken. According to the preserved fragment of the pommel - part of the sphere, the elements of the crown - it was possible to restore the destroyed elements, and the historical appearance of the altar canopy is now fully restored.